In the field of environmental protection,River Water Group adheres to the road of high precision, high performance and high quality project design, engineering construction and project management,Committed to all kinds of municipal sewage, industrial wastewater, rural sewage treatment,Provide the best technical advice and program design for environmental protection projects such as river and lake ecological restoration;The highest quality electrical equipment, automation instrumentation, system integration;The most efficient project implementation, management and engineering services,Create a higher quality production and living environment for human beings。

    Some cases in the environmental protection field of the Group:

    Huizhou Jinshan River small watershed and water environment comprehensive regulation project

    Dongguan Chashan sewage plant


    Dongguan Fenggang shrimp Gongtan sewage plant

    Dalang Gaoying sewage pumping station, Dongguan City

    Dongguan Huangjiang sewage pumping station