• Technological innovation

        Guangdong River Water Co., LTD. (referred to as River Water Group) is a group company integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, investment, sales and operation。The company is committed to doing water supply, environmental protection, water treatment industry (project general contracting, PPP projects) leading enterprises。Business throughout the country, especially Guangdong, Guangxi two provinces。 
        Since the establishment of the company, has been adhering to the "customer first, win-win cooperation" business philosophy。The Group has always taken leading the development of the national water industry as its own responsibility,To become stronger, do better, do great goal,Adhere to the "water conservancy for the people, industry to serve the country" enterprise purpose,Focus on the development vision of "Building a leading enterprise in China's water industry",Work closely around the key points, hot spots and difficulties of the water industry,To define the strategy, rational thinking,Optimize the layout and make up for weaknesses,Focus on projects and promote investment,Expand the market, seek breakthrough, promote development as the main line,Actively adapt to the new normal,Handle new challenges with aplomb,Actively seize new opportunities,Try to solve new problems。