River Water Group is a leading enterprise in the field of power distribution,Has the domestic first-class technology research and development and technical service team,Advanced production technology and equipment,Constantly explore and improve product performance,Improve the production process,Independent research and development and production of high and low voltage switchgear, power distribution, power saving equipment,For the power system and the majority of power users to provide a comprehensive power quality optimization scheme and the whole process of technical support。

      The high and low voltage switchgear, low voltage distribution equipment and DC system devices produced by the company have obtained the production license and the national quality supervision and inspection certificate issued by the former Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry and the Ministry of Electric Power Industry。Among them, the low-voltage switchgear has obtained the Guangdong Province adopted international standard product certification and 3C certification issued by the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision,Armoured removable metal enclosed switchgear KYN28,Has passed the safety test qualified,The thyristor excitation device won the second prize of the national product quality evaluation and the export quality license of mechanical and electrical products,TWKL synchronous generator microcomputer excitation device has been exported to Russia, Asia, Singapore, Bangladesh and other countries。

    Some cases in the power distribution field of the Group:

    Shuidongpi hydropower station, Boluo County, Huizhou City

    Longmen County, Huizhou city paradise landscape power station

    Shuangdong power station, Luoding City, Guangdong Province

    Huidong County, Huizhou city, Shijian hydropower station

    Shaoguan Jiangyuankou hydropower Station